Even the most complicated things can sometimes be expressed in one word, in one colour, gesture, step, smile, oblivion. Oprişor’s third basic element, the earth, is the easiest and most difficult to explain. Regarded day in, day out, laboured from time to time up to exhaustion, outrageously heated or so frozen, that even the sharpest spade cannot penetrate it, a recipient for the endless tribute paid for toil, the earth becomes in such an extent a part of life, that, without noticing, it turns invisible. However, this very earth gives much back. But you have to take heed of it, to try to see how immeasurably it can return. Cabernet, the king of the vineyard, the king of the wines, is Oprişor’s milestone, our winery’s exceptional product, the way Braşov boasts with her Black Church and Paris, with the Eiffel Tower.

Among the three complex wines appealing to mind and heart there is also a CABERNET SAUVIGNON. One could somehow reproach us it’s embarrassingly easy. But nothing is easy! The six wines have different maturation times, use older and newer different barrels, are made of grapes gathered in different areas of the vineyard, and each wine is “worked” at its best. Blending them in the same wine means, just like in case of most complex coupages, alchemy, talent, love, hard work and, moreover, a good apprehension of the place.


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