Oprişor Winery is happy to add JIANA Rose to the wines DRĂGAICA Roşie and RUSALCA Albă. The Oltenians, the yoke, the tree of life and Jiana are like the four-leaf clover: it is hard to find and brings but good luck. The motifs on the label – taken from a traditional Oltenian carpet – are the very tokens of a legend that is still alive: Jiana, the fairy of the place, appears swiftly in front of the thirsty people who toil for the wealth and fruits of the earth. He whom the liquor relishes, the fair beauty quenches thirst with the water of life feeding the tree of life, the spring of all things and guardian of each earthling. He whom Jiana drops tree of life’s sap is blessed, because tree’s roots emerge from the genuine heart of the soil.

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